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Welcome to the Feed Advice page, supported by Baileys Horse Feeds.  The changing seasons and an increase in turnout and/or workload all mean that a horse’s diet will often need reviewing so here we’ve tried to cover some of the most popular nutritional topics, for this time of year.  There is a whole lot more advice and information on our web site, while our Feed Finder tool will give you a quick feed recommendation, in response to your answers to a few simple questions, and tell you how much to feed.

Body Condition Scoring

This is definitely worth doing, especially if your horse is prone to carrying a little more condition than you’d like. We’ve got a great downloadable guide and our Senior Nutritionist, Emma Short, explains how to get you hands on and score your horse. Click the image to watch the video

Download the PDF here

How To Weightape Your Horse

This can be really useful, if carried out regularly, to help monitor weight losses or gains. It may sound easy but, for best results, it’s wise to follow instructions! Click the image to watch the video

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Equine Metabolic Syndrome 

Overweight horses are susceptible to EMS and, as a result, at increased risk of laminitis.  Read about this condition and how to manage those horses diagnosed, or click through to listen to our podcast which discusses EMS and another common metabolic condition, Cushing’s or PPID.

Listen to the pod

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Spring grass is so often a trigger for susceptible horses, especially if they’ve hung on to a little too much condition, over winter.  Read how to alter your horse’s diet to help minimise the risk of laminitis.

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Matching Diet to Workload

Competitions are underway and many of us are hacking further and training harder so how do we change our horses’ diets to match this increasing workload, even if they still need to lose a few pounds?

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Feed Finder

Baileys’ Feed Finder is a unique tool designed to take the guesswork out of deciding what to feed, whether you want to check your gut feel or need to get an answer “out of hours”.  Answer a few simple questions about your horse and the Feed Finder will recommend a choice of feeds and, if you know your horse’s bodyweight, will give you an idea how much to feed.  It can’t replace our knowledgeable award-winning Nutrition Team but it’s certainly a great guide.

Use feed finder here

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