Behavioural and ridden issues with Jason Webb from Your Horsemanship

Jason Webb is a UK-based Australian trainer trusted by top riders and industry professionals. Having started over 2000 young horses, and provided solutions to a huge range of behavioural and ridden issues, Jason’s deep understanding of horses and his practical ways of training are passed on through his horse and rider training services and his comprehensive online program,

Your Horsemanship.

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Dealing with a spooky horse; negotiating obstacles

This video shows Jason riding a very reactive and spooky young dressage horse, Bond.  It shows the step by step process of how horses negotiate a strange object; in this case a tarpaulin. This video is part of a "Spooking Series" of videos with Bond that is available within Your Horsemanship, Jason's comprehensive online horse training program.

Clipping a Reactive Pony

This video demonstrates how Jason prepares a pony for clipping that has an aversion to the clippers!

Keeping your horse out of your personal space

Gaining and maintaining a respectful relationship with your horse on the ground is key to keeping you and your horse safe when you are handling them.  This video shows some techniques to keep a horse out of your personal space.