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RIDER SAFETY – Staying safe in the saddle

Check out the free online BETA Body Protector Awareness Course and find out more about this important piece of safety gear. Look at why it should be correctly fitted and fastened, its appropriate use across the disciplines and an overview of safety standards. There are posters to download and a certificate to print on completion.


The BETA NOPS Scheme was created to help manufacturers safeguard horse feeds, from production to consumption. NOPS stands for naturally occurring prohibited substances and includes materials such as caffeine, theobromine and morphine. They can find their way into equine feed at harvest or as a result of inadvertent cross-contamination during processing. Protect your horse from testing positive by choosing feeds carrying this logo as a sign that everything possible has been done to minimise the risk of NOPS contamination.
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HORSE HEALTH – BETA approval mark for equines prone to EGUS

Equine gastric ulcer syndrome affects many horses and ponies. This BETA feed approval mark was set up to help concerned owners select the most appropriate feeds for those prone to this painful condition. Look out for feeds with this distinctive red BETA logo and the wording “Suitable for equines prone to gastric ulcers as part of a balanced diet” on their packaging.
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Bits & Bitting: Tricia Nassau-Williams

Tricia has been BETA’s field offer and lorinery consultant for the past 18 years, helping with membership recruitment,  supporting existing members and assisting with the running of BETA training courses for the trade. She is one of the country’s leading experts on bits and bridling – also known as lorinery – and leads BETA’s lorinery courses for consumers and members of the trade and a wide selection of equestrian groups. For many years, Tricia had her own saddlery business in Kent specialising in lorinery and saddle fitting. She is a Society of Masters C&G Saddle Fitter and Bit & Bridle Fitter. Qualified Saddler, BHSAI and Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Loriners.  

Rider Safety: Claire Williams

Claire has worked at BETA for 20 years, supporting member companies on all business matters. During this time, she has been involved in the ongoing development of hat and body protector standards, lecturing on BETA’s safety equipment courses and undertaking safety equipment checking at leading events attended by BETA. She has worked closely with all of the equestrian disciplines and associations to help put together their rules relating to safety equipment and sits on the Equestrian Safety Group. Claire is also a member of both the riding hat and body protector standards committees for the UK and Europe, and has recently been confirmed as the convenor of the standards committee tasked with rewriting the EN1384 standard for riding hats. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her two horses and walking.  

Equine Feed & Nutrition: BETA Feed Committee

The BETA Feed Committee represents the feed and supplement manufacturing members of BETA. It is made up of equine nutritionists and other experts involved in the formulation and production of horse feeds, and works hard to ensure that the nation’s horses receive the highest quality of feed possible. This  team of experts is on hand to answer a wide range of nutrition and feed-related questions, including queries on prohibited substances and the BETA-run NOPS scheme, as well as the BETA scheme for feed suitable for equines prone to EGUS.

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