Kelly Marks

Horse Whisperer
Intelligent Horsemanship

Kelly Marks is the UK’s most popular ‘Horse Whisperer’ or putting it more accurately – a specialist in understanding horse psychology and behaviour, and finding workable solutions to benefit both horses and humans.

With a background in showjumping (novices to Grade A), amateur flat racing (rode in British Teams and retired after winning the Ladies European Championship in Vienna/Bratislavia), winning jump racing under rules and winner of the BHS ProAM Trec Royal Windsor, Kelly Marks of Intelligent Horsemanship knows a bit about getting the best from a horse. Kelly has published papers and lectured worldwide at colleges and Universities and for the last 25 years as well as teaching horse skills has supported ‘The Real Life Horse Whisperer’, Monty Roberts, at his UK demonstrations helping many different horses with remedial issues or simply getting them off to a good start in life.

Kelly states ‘there are plenty of books, blogs and online courses on ‘Horse Psychology’ but you need the people with real-life experience to get you on the right path.  So many things seem perfectly logical in theory but have unexpected consequences in practise. People benefit so much from coming down to Witney, Oxfordshire and either bring their own horse or working with one of ours to really checking out whether there communication is clear in every way. It’s timing, it’s body language, it’s breathing, it’s whether to stay with Plan A or move to B and C quicker, it’s really understanding horses that helps us communicate with the horse in the fairest way possible.


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