Walk & Trot Dressage Class

Ever fancied being judged by eleven times Paralympic gold medallist Sir Lee Pearson CBE – well now’s your chance with another exclusive riding class open to able-bodied and Para-riders! 

This is your chance to enter our Frontline Equestrian Walk & Trot dressage class which is being judged by eleven times Paralympic gold medallist Sir Lee Pearson himself!

Just download the test sheet HERE, video yourself doing the test and send it in with your entry along with an image of you and your horse. Sir Lee will personally watch, judge and announce the winners live on Saturday 7th November ( with top tips for each rider placed that they can work on at home to improve.  Plus, all placed will receive a rosette, a free ticket to next year’s Your Horse Live, a signed copy of their score sheet from Sir Lee Pearson and the winner will be invited to next year’s show for their belated winners lap of honour in our main arena!

Entries cost £10 plus transaction fee and close on Monday 26th October 2020


Terms and Conditions of Entry
1. This is an amateur class and any affiliated riders are not to enter
2. Para riders that have completed at two star international or above cannot enter this class
3. You can only supply one video per entry and it must be in one of the following formats YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo links and it must not have been previously judged either at a show or another online competition. Upload the video to YouTube, or an alternative video hosting site, and paste the link in the entry form, we advise you to make the video unlisted, so only people with the link can see it.
4.It must have sound and no cuts.
5. It must start 2 seconds at least before the rider enters the arena and 4 seconds after the final salute
6. The video must be yours to share of your horse or you have the owner’s permission
7. You also need to supply an image of you and your horse if you would like us to place your entry image on our competition section on
8. Entrant’s under the age of 16 must have their Parents/Guardians permission
9. By entering the class and supplying your video and one image you agree that Your Horse Virtually Live can use it on our website (, associated social media for promotional purposes and that you own the copyright to the image
10. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that no copyright rules are breached when entering their video or photograph and that they are the copyright holder. Entries with watermarks, urls or captions on the image will not be accepted
11. Horse and ponies can be ridden by more than one rider
12. A caller is allowed. The caller must read from the test sheet and not offer any coaching or any other instructions during the test
13. The test must be ridden on a 20x40m short track, this can be in an arena or markers in a field
14. You must be wearing suitable riding wear (but not necessary competition clothing but please remember that loose fitting clothing makes it hard for the judge to see your riding) and everyone must wear a BSI Kitemarked riding hat which conforms to a minimum of EN1384 with the chinstrap fastened
15. An ordinary snaffle bridle must be worn with a noseband, this can be cavesson, drop or flash. The snaffle bit may have cheek pieces but not bit guards. Bits made of rubber, nylon or other synthetic materials are allowed.
16. Side saddle or western saddles are not permitted
17. Entry fee will not be refunded once your entry has been accepted
18. The judge’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. This includes not only the representatives, but also by the judge involved.