Clipping & Turnout Zone

Liveryman Black Beauty & Liveryman Classic

Watch British Grooms Associations Liz Daniels using the Liveryman Black Beauty and Nikki Baxter using the Liveryman Classic, making light work of a thick winter coat.

How to tension a Lister Star

One of our frequently asked questions is how to tension clippers, in this video you'll see how to tension one of our best selling clippers, the Lister Star.

The importance of a clean coat when clipping, using the Heiniger Xplorer

British Grooms Associations Liz Daniels speaks about how important it is to have a clean horse prior to clipping. Within this video she also demonstrates the use of a Heiniger Xplorer clipper. 

Care and Maintenance of your clipper blades

In this video, ambassador Lauren Roberts shows us how to best care and clean your clipper blades after clipping.

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Plaiting with Team Jerram-Hunnable 

Watch Katie Jerram Hunnable and her team use Smart Grooming products at Your Horse Live 2019. 

Products used: Flat Waxed Thread, Blunt End Plaiting Needles, Plaiting Apron, Deluxe Mane & Tail Comb, Plaiting Wax  

Katie Jerram Quarter Marking

Sponsored rider Katie Jerram-Hunnable  shows you how to achieve the perfect quarter marks ready for the show ring!

Products used: Smart Grooming Quarter Marking Spray, Jumbo Sponge, Mane & Tail Comb, Super Shine Lotion.

Smart Grooming Pro Levelling Knife 

The Smart Grooming Pro Levelling Knife is really handy thinning knife for humanely tidying manes or tails as required, it gives a level finish and is also good to use down the backs of legs for thinning excess hair. Watch this video of the Levelling Knife in action!

Forelock Plaiting with Katie Jerram-Hunnable

 In this video, sponsored rider Katie Jerram-Hunnable shows us how to achieve the best forelock plait using the Smart Grooming Plaiting products.

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