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Rehoming has always been an important part of the work Bransby Horses does. It gives companion and ridden equines, who have had a tough start in life, a second chance to live a happy and healthy life, in a one-to-one home. 

The Perfect Partner application form challenges the ‘norm’ of simply advertising the available equines that we have on our website and promoting them on social media.

The rehoming process efficiently matches potential Perfect Partners to the right equines with the 'right fit first time’, the matching process is based on the potential Perfect Partner’s ability, experience, personality and potential. 

Rosanna Elliott Hart, Rehoming Manager says: “We think it’s fantastic that Your Horse Live has gone ahead this year ‘virtually’. As always, we appreciate that the organisers have included us in the ever so popular Rescue Village. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase the important work that our charity does and tell visitors about some of our Perfect Partners looking for their forever homes.”

Below are some of our equines who are ready to find their Perfect Partner. Just follow the link below to find out more.

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Ridden -Age: 7 years, Height: 13.2HH, Breed: Cob X mare

Toulouse came to Bransby Horses in 2018 after being abandoned with another equine, she was nervous and unsure of people. Toulouse joined our handling yard to continue her education where she learnt to trust and her confidence slowly grew.

In 2019 Toulouse joined the Riding Barn where started her ridden career. Toulouse is showing great progress and is now looking for her Perfect Partner to have fun with and possibly take part in pony club activities and jumping.


Ridden - Age: 9 years, Height: 14HH, Breed: Cob gelding

Ben came to Bransby Horses as a foal and he was bottle fed by the team at our Animal Reception Centre. Ben is a loving boy with a gentle, kind nature. He enjoys hacking out with his friends and strutting his stuff in the school.

He is a firm favourite with our riding team who know he will make the most Perfect Partner for someone. 


Project - Age: 12 years, Height: 14.2HH, Breed: Welsh D mare

Bellatrix was late starting her education so although she is 12 she doesn’t have much experience, but she has great potential to be an all-rounder. Bellatrix hacks alone and in company, has 3 good paces in the school and she will happily jump a small course of fences. Ideally her Perfect Partner will be confident, have experience in riding young inexperienced horses and have the knowledge to continue her education.

Not suitable for children. 



Companion - Age: 7 years, Height: 12.3HH

Cornish arrived at Bransby Horses in June 2016 as part of a group of 8 ponies from the Bodmin Moors.

Cornish is an affectionate playful boy within his herd and enjoys new challenges with his handler. He is a very special pony who requires an experienced, calm and patient home. When having his feet trimmed Cornish requires the farrier to perform his pedicure in a certain order, but don’t worry – he comes with instructions!


Companion- Age: 14 years, Height: 12HH

Niketa arrived at Bransby Horses in May 2016 with a group of 11 ponies. Niketa is a nervous girl however once she has a bond she will look to her handler for courage and reassurance. Niketa thoroughly enjoys a relaxing groom from her handler, especially a wither scratch which makes her smile every time. She would thrive in a one to one experienced home, where she can build her confidence and flourish. This mare has a lot to give to her Perfect Partner.


Companion - Age: 9 years, Height: 14HH

Owen arrived at Bransby Horses in January 2012 along with 30 other ponies who were part of a large rescue of 65 equines. When Owen arrived, he was a 6-month-old, feral colt with a Body Condition Score of 1.5, and he was infested with internal and external parasites.

Owen experiences mild separation anxiety and will need to work on this with his Perfect Partner. He is a gentle and affectionate gelding who will flourish in a one to one home where he’ll enjoy being pampered and going on in-hand walks.