Belvoir Rug Company

The Belvoir Rug Company welcome you to the Virtual Your Horse Live. We have a wide selection of products from the Belvoir Rug Company and Grace and Dotty available for the event. We will be selling our range of Belvoir Rug Company Honsies (Our Nylon Lycra All in One), Show Hoods and Fleece Capes alongsite Tweed Capes and Facemasks from Grace & Dotty, all at SPECIAL EVENT PRICES for the Your Horse Live weekend.

Everything comes with FREE DELIVERY too. We even have some limited edition Capes, once these have gone, they have gone for good, don't miss out. 

Honsie - All in one Nylon Lycra Horse/Pony Cover

The Honsie is an all in one Nylon Lycra Horse Cover. It is the perfect product for keeping your Horse/Pony clean prior to competition, clean in the stables or as a second skin underneath a turnout or stable rug on really cold days.

RRP £100 Special Offer Sale Price £60.00 


Show Hood- The Best Nylon Lycra Hood

The Show Hood is a shortended version of the HONSIE product. Covering the Head, Neck and Half of the body, the Show Hood is made from the finest Italian Nylon Lycra and benefits from 4 dimensional stretch and a slight compression to stop coat rub.

RRP £50.00 SHOW OFFER £30.00 

Grace and Dotty Tweed and Faux-Fur Collar Capes

Grace and Dotty Capes are made in fine Yorkshire Tweed, high quality Faux-Fur and are lined in a luxury Satin. As we make the Capes in our own factory, we are able to offer the very best quality products at an exclusive affordable price.

RRP £200 SHOW OFFER £95.00

Belvoir Rug Company Fleece and Faux Fur Capes

The Belvoir Rug Company fleece and faux-fur capes are made in high quality Polar Fleece and certifed Faux-Fur. The Capes are not lined, but the fleece is so warm it is a perfect product for keeping you warm whilst at the yard or walking the dog.

RRP £60.00 SHOW OFFER £30.00

Grace and Dotty Tweed Facemasks

Made in our Grace and Dotty Tweeds, the Facemasks are developed using a tried and trusted pattern that fits most adults, both male and female. Lined with double layer Cotton, the Facemasks can be worn in line with the current government guildlines.


Grace and Dotty Limited Edition Capes

We have a small amout of Limited Edition Tweed and Faux-Fur Collar Capes from the Grace and Dotty range. These products will not be repeated, and we only have the stock as shown on the product information, don't miss out.

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Our response time for the YHL event will be 30 mins (8.00am to 6.00pm) and slightly longer outside of these times.

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