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At Dengie, we are devoted to creating the best and healthiest horse feed, supplements and balancers that include all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your horse or pony may require for every season, activity or event. Our horse feeds have been developed by our team of highly qualified nutritionists, who select only the highest-quality ingredients.

We aim to make feeding easy and simple for owners; our team of nutritionists are on hand to offer sound, practical help and advice. Call our feedline on 01621 841188 or visit our website and complete our Feed Advice Form for a personalised feeding plan.

Dengie Alfa-A Oil

High-calorie, providing 12.5MJ/kg of DE from fibre and oil. Promotes weight gain and condition without excitability. Naturally low in starch and with no added sugar. Free from straw, molasses and preservatives. 20kg bale

Dengie Cool, Condition & Shine - NEW

A highly-palatable, soft, chopped and pelleted, nutritionally-balanced high fibre feed. Promotes weight gain and condition without excitability. High in oil for coat shine; light molasses coating and tasty spearmint oil to tempt fussy feeders. 20kg

Dengie Hi-Fi Molasses Free

A high-fibre feed for leisure horses and ponies requiring a low sugar, starch and calorie diet. A blend of nutrient-rich alfalfa, oat straw, alfalfa pellets and tasty mint & fenugreek with no added sugar. Free from molasses and preservatives. 20kg

Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free

A nutritionally-balanced, high-fibre feed that's naturally low in starch and calories with no added sugar. Approved by The Laminitis Trust, it's molasses free and packed with B vitamins including biotin, essential for hoof health. 20kg

Dengie Pure Grass

A blend of precision-dried, British grown grasses with nothing added. Can be added to the bucket feed or used as a complete or partial hay replacer. Naturally sweet to tempt fussy feeders. Free from molasses, straw, preservatives and flavours. 15kg

Dengie Performance+ Balancer

Formulated for those in hard work or increased nutritional requirements such as veterans, breeding or youngstock. Based on alfalfa with linseed, a high specification of vits & mins, glucosamine for joint support, tasty herbs; molasses free. 15kg

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