Bloomfields Horseboxes

Bloomfields Horseboxes grew from humble beginnings. Founder Dean built his first horsebox in the stable yard of his parents’ house (called Bloomfield), and has since gone from strength to strength now producing up to 200 horseboxes per year in their 44,000sq foot factory, and being a worldwide recognised brand for quality and safety.

Bloomfields ONE

Designed and built to all the Bloomfields highest standards and including a brand new chassis. No breast bar makes travelling unpredictable horses safer, or more comfortable for the horses on longer journeys. From £31,995

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Bloomfields Legacy S

The Legacy S Horsebox incorporates a breast bar with a shelf and full opening grills in front of each horse. The use of the twin breastbar in the construction of the Legacy S gives maximum strength should a horse try to jump onto the shelf. From £35,490

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Bloomfields Professional

The ultimate horsebox for difficult horses. The horses are separated by means of a full height, grilled partition, head divider, two full height grilled access doors, eliminating the need for a breastbar. The Professional horsebox comes fully padded. From £37,995

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The Eventer 4.5T

The Eventer 4.5T is the perfect over-night or weekend box. All the luxuries of the Eventer Compact but with a double pull out bed and an extra two foot of living. The double pull out bed is quick and easy to use, and stable door through to horses. From £54,995

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Eventer 5T XL

The Eventer 5 Tonne XL is the ultimate luxury 2 stall horse box. All the usual safety features for you and your horse but incorporating an 9.5ft full luxury living, in your choice of colour, finish & texture. L shaped seating area and larger bed. From £66,495

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Bloomfields Equestrian Clothing

From our luxury horsebox range came our luxury equestrian clothing range. Stylish apparel for horse and rider in our Team or Prestige branding. From every day lounge wear to luxurious sequin hoodies and technical riding leggings we have you covered!

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