Cool Horse Socks

A British brand, borne in 2008 and run by equestrians. Our drive is to provide the best British made technical riding socks. The socks work hard while you play hard. Yard or competition wear, our socks manufactured in Leicester have a myriad of features, coolmax® fabric to keep your feet dry, padded foot for comfort and ribbed areas to ensure they stay in position all wrapped up in some brilliant designs to provide elegance or a bit of fun depending on your activity.

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Riding Socks

Warm, comfortable and stylish, all of the British made socks in our fantastic range have been specifically designed by rider for riders. Assuring quality and value for money. Ideal for wearing with everything from long riding boots to trainers.

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Competition Socks

The Coolhorse competition sock fits comfortably under long boots. Knitted in Leicestershire with finer gauge yarns incorporating coolmax technology in the padded foot. Elasticated arch and ankle prevents slippage. Durable and hard wearing.

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Christmas Socks

The perfect secret santa or yard present for your besties or just a thoughtful gift for the person in your life that loves your equestrian passion as much as you do. Festive and Fun. Bring some joy the yard and the feet of the ones you love.

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The mystical and magical `Unicorn, that we all would like to ride in a world of make believe to escape the realities of today! We believe, do you?

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Busy Bee

Wear with pride while we fight for this fantastic icon of hope and sustainability. Our planet may be suffering but by wearing these socks we stand in solidarity with this humble insect that breathes life into our world. Get Busy.

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Children's Socks

Don't forget the kids, they need hardwearing socks to protect them while they sit in the saddle or whilst waiting by the stable, kicking their feet, as we, the parents, do the hard work...

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