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We want to save YOU time & effort looking after your horses! Herbie's launched as the UK importer/distributer of the brilliant Quickie Super Bulldozer brooms. We'd used them for a few years, they were the lightest & most effective brooms we'd used by far. When the UK supply dried up, we spoke to the manufacturers, made a website & the rest is history!

More recently we’ve added lots more innovative, useful, quality products to our range. We now exclusively import the Swedish Fork, Mane-ly Long Hair grooming products, Harmony Trickle Feeder & NT-Dry thrush treatment. My horse 'Herbie' has the perfect cheeky face for the business!

SAVE ££s @YHL!

Super Bulldozer Broom

Would you like to sweep your yard faster, with much less effort? Yes right?! With a Super Bulldozer broom it's almost effortless, wet or dry debris, even on rough surfaces it leaves nothing behind. So lightweight & a 5 year guarantee!

Usually £37.50.

Swedish Fork

You can bend less, muck out faster & waste less bedding with a Swedish Fork! Ultra strong too, they are ergonomically designed & perfectly balanced making it so easy on your back to pick up muck. Emily Philp Eventing's favourite product!

Usually £54.00

Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher (Detangler)

Not just a de-tangler but a polisher & protector too, the BEST all-in-1 product! The perfect key to unlock tangles & prevent them from returning, Mane-ly Long Hair de-frizzes and makes mane, tail & feather maintenance easy even in Winter.

Usually £34.00

Mane-ly Long Hair Conditioner & hydrator

A light weight hydrator for all hair types, to repair & keep hair healthier. For dull, damaged, stained, dry or tangled hair. Great quality makes the coat softer, smoother, silkier, less brittle & less prone to stains! (For humans too!)

Usually £21.00

Grabbit - the rubber matting mover

Grabbit is a fantastic product that makes lifting & moving rubber mats on your own easy! No more bad backs or waiting for helpers, 1 handed operation holds tight! Rated @ 500lb pulling capacity it makes light work of even heavy duty mats.

Usually £37.00

NT-Dry Thrush treatment

This is our fast & easy treatment for thrush & other bacterial infections in the hoof. Simply dust it on and it will work fast to clear the infection & prevent it returning. AND it's safe to use & not harmful to healthy tissues.

Usually £36.00 (large) .

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