Philomena London Pet Outfitters

Our goal at Philomena London is simple - to bring you luxurious and beautifully made quality pet accessories to your home. Many of the items we source are lovingly handmade in the United Kingdom and when possible, presented to you in a signature Philomena London giftbox addressed to your pet with love.

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MIASUKI is more than just another clothing brand, it is a way of life. To those who love horses and beautiful things, we offer elegant innovation and elite quality. To those who cherish a dynamic lifestyle and appreciate exquisite quality and durability, we offer fabrics with intelligent beauty and durability. MIASUKI clothing tells a story. To look, to touch and to wear the garments is a pleasure. Our fabrics are selected for technical performance and luxurious aesthetic. We cut our patterns to be feminine, practical and ergonomic and we finish our items by hand so that no detail is overlooked."  Prices from £180

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PS of Sweden

We have a humble take on life, but we are not afraid of being self-confident . We believe that we have the right and obligation to believe in ourselves. Because we do! We are a creative and brave company, and we thrive on innovation. If we were a construction company, we would be building the tallest building in the world. We want to use our drive and give something back to the equestrian sport that we love and that has given us so much pleasure, fun and experience.  Proces from £30

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Renwick and Sons

The Renwick & Sons Collection offers everything you could ever need or desire from your equine brushware, providing unmatched quality and performance. Catering for your every grooming requirement, the Renwick & Sons collection contains nine tools, each designed around an ergonomic body so you can give your horse the ultimate grooming experience. 

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Pravins Sellier

In the heart of the Beaujolais vineyards lies Pravins workshop. It is dedicated to horse lovers and lovers of noble materials. United in marriage but also by the same passions, Carole and Philippe combine their skills and work together: He, riding and Carole, leather goods. The thread of that covenant is based on the work of leather, a noble and authentic material. Creation is the heart of Carole, the technique of Philippe. Matter is everywhere in their workshop, leather, linen thread, wool, horsehair, fats and buckles; and where the magic begins! Prices from £79

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Uhip is a Swedish clothing design company located in Täby, Sweden. Our customers are active women and men, and the collection consists of coats and jackets with partly patented special features and selected materials to sustain cold, windy and wet weather.

The idea is to offer our customers clothing with original features, functionality, innovative design and to also make you look good in an urban or rural environment.

No one wants to freeze or feel limited while doing what they love outdoors, and with Uhip they don’t have to - whether riding your horse or walking your dog. Philomena London is the UK distributor for UHIP. Products from £69

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When the passion of a lifetime and 30 years of creativity and experience come together, the result is a project like Vestrum, Made in Italy. When the designer is also the first user of his creations, refinement is combined with maximum practicality and elegance becomes a natural expression of comfort, without being forced. Vestrum is a manufacturer and distributor of technical clothing and accessories for horse riding. Exclusive items that must meet expectations of excellence in terms of raw materials used and craftsmanship. And half a century of experience in production, organisation and sales has refined our problem-solving skills and given us a stellar brand reputation. Products from £65

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