The Western Saddler Ltd

The Western Saddler has been seling and fitting western and treeless saddles for over 15 years. We specialise in the horse's comfort, which ultimately leads to less behavioural issues, reduced need for veterinary intervention, horse & riders comfort and safety.

We fit EVERY shape of horse - from traditionally western horses to coloured cobs, gaited horses, native ponies, draught horses, thoroughbreds, Iberians, mules and donkeys. The treed companies we work with offer over 300 different shapes of tree to fit many horse shapes. We also work with an Equiscan template to produce a bespoke tree.

Barefoot® 'Contour' Trail Headstall

- Anatomically shaped Contour headpiece (patented)
- Well-thought-out bridle made of soft nubuck leather
- Ideal for trail riding
- To be used with or without bit

Barefoot® Cheyenne DryTex Children’s Saddle

- Cute ultra-light children saddle
- Made of water repellant and easy clean DryTex
- Seats the young rider safely while offering good stability
- Included with Barry matching keyring.

Barefoot® Nottingham Saddle

Comfortable for horse AND rider! 
- 3-Layer VPS® System
- Suitable for longer treks
- Safety stirrup attachements
- Close contact, comfortable riding position.

Barefoot® Cherokee Saddle

Comfortable for horse AND rider!
- Ideal for trail riding
- Very pliable and adjusts to the shape of the horse's back
- Durable, open pore cow hide, dirt repellant, padded knee flap
- Padded knee flap and velcro knee rolls

Mattes Rio Pecos Round Saddle Pad

Rio-Pecos round base pad with detachable panels with Correction® system is made with 100% genuine sheepskin with the addition of wear leathers. Adaptable 2, 6, or 8 pocket Correction system for horse comfort

Mattes Asymmetric Removable Cover Western Cinch

These are a fantastic item for horse comfort as it spreads the weight over the sternum better than most other cinches.
- 100% Genuine Sheepskin/Wool
- Custom ordered for horse comfort and rider satisfaction