Your Horse Live Loves - Sunday

This page is full of the great bargains and products that the Your Horse Live team go looking for (when they have a spare minute) at the show!

There are great deals to choose from each day – make sure you have a look and grab yourself a bargain. Enjoy!

eGloves: Leather pro-grip riding gloves

When it comes to classic leather riding gloves, eGlove's got it nailed. Combining soft, flexible leather with flexible grips and touchscreen friendly fingertips they tick all the boxes and come in 4 traditional equestrian colours.

Smart Grooming Plaiting Apron

Smart Grooming’s Plaiting Apron is an absolute gem, designed to keep everything you need in one place for plaiting.
It is a neat, well made plaiting essential, made from hard wearing black cotton drill and multiple lined pockets, each of which is designed to store specific items such as bands, scissors, combs, thread, gels and waxes. It is even big enough to pop the horse’s passport in for safe-keeping. It is well finished, with a hard wearing brass zip, leather loops, and a brass D ring on the side to enable anything extra to be clipped onto it. We have tried to think of everything.

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Prices Start from £1.75 for Greeting cards | £15 for Small framed prints | £52.50 for Large framed prints | £105 for Extra Large framed prints etc.

Choose any large, extra large or limited edition prints and greeting cards and receive 30% off your entire order. Use discount code: KHYH30

Redwings Horse Sanctuary Adoption - Sponsor a Rescued Resident!

It’s the best way to support Redwings! Sponsor a horse or donkey and you’ll receive a wonderful adoption pack including a special certificate, stunning photo of your new friend and their story. You’ll also receive access to their online blog.

Clippersharp Liveryman Classic

The Liveryman Classic is a quiet but powerful small machine which is ideal for trimming up horses, dogs and other larger animals.  It provides fast, accurate and powerful clipping using titanium coated steel blades.

There are no air vents, so no clogging. The ceramic blade is long lasting and should give over 200 hours of use. The Classic is provided with a range of add on plastic combs for grading as well as a blade adjustment at the back. Although a small machine, it can easily power through feathers and manes when hogging. RRP £120

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Snuggy Hoods: Headless Turn Out Hood

The perfect hood for all those wanting to keep their horse as clean as possible and protect the mane without covering the face. Fitted with a satin mane & shoulder liner these hoods are used by thousands to prevent dreaded mane loss. Optional zip.

Stablemate Range (Boxfresh, Cleanse, DIS-IN-FECT and Equaroma)

Purchase the complete Stablemate range and get an amazing 15% off and a FREE AGMA Baseball Hat (worth RRP £15.00 while stocks last) with every order of the complete stablemate range using the Code- YHLSET20.

RRP £102.42 

The Comfy Horse Company Shampoo Bar and Glove set

Eco-friendly gift set comprising of; See Change Horse Shampoo Bar which is a super mild solid shampoo that leaves the coat feeling smooth, shiny and silky and a Henry Wag Microfibre Pet Cleaning and Drying Glove. RRP £22.98 now £20

Millstream Saddlery Montar Filipa Multicoloured Long sleeved baselayer top

This unusual baselayer is made from breathable technical fabric which features a long-sleeve baselayer style stretchy material. The popper fastening and collar make it ideal for use under jumpers and tops or on its own as a "polo" top.

RRP £45 SAVE £15 


Red Gorilla® Grooming Set

The Red Gorilla® Grooming Set includes all types of grooming products to help maintain your horse's health and appearance. From Body Brushes to Bucket Brushes, this set features high-quality products and comes in a FREE black 14L Gorilla Tub®.  

Mochara Equestrian Leggings

Flattering stretchy leggings that will take you from the stable yard to the gym and everything in between. Featuring two large phone pockets so you can keep your phone safe and close at hand. 

Honest Riders - Horse Shampoo Bar

Ah the simple soap bar – When we were creating our first product for the ‘Honest Horse’ range, it soon became clear that a product with very minimal, biodegradable packaging, handmade from 100% natural ingredients was going to be the most sustainable choice. But that doesn’t mean that anything else about the product is minimal. Packed with 100% natural ingredients, we’ve tested and refined this bar to ensure it really packs a punch in the cleansing stakes. Each block is 230g - perfectly hand-sized to make it easy to use. The bar can either be rubbed directly onto the horse’s coat, or used inside a sisal bag, which offers additional scrubbing power. 

Hudson Equine - Uvex suxxeed starshine - navy/champagne new

The new uvex starshine in navy/champagne definitely brings a touch of glamour to your riding life! These top quality hats not only look beautiful but also have high standards to include vg1 + kitemark so they are good for any discipline, excluding xc Prices from £266.50 


Wester Saddler - Barefoot® 'Ride-on-Pad' Physio Nature

Comes with 2 different sets of shims

- Good for older horses
- Good for heavy riders
- Horse friendly v-girthing
- Slip-proof underside with Sympanova Grab handle made from sturdy nylon.

Böckmann: PORTAX L SR

More comfort, superb quality and, above all, plenty of space for the various needs of horse and rider. The new Portax L SR with a walk-in tack room is impressive in every aspect. Discover the multiple special features of the Portax L models.

Philomena London: Renwick and Sons

The Renwick & Sons Collection offers everything you could ever need or desire from your equine brushware, providing unmatched quality and performance. Catering for your every grooming requirement, the Renwick & Sons collection contains nine tools, each designed around an ergonomic body so you can give your horse the ultimate grooming experience. 

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12 months membership of H&C+

With over 100 live events every year and hundreds of masterclasses and rider profiles to watch on demand, H&C+ is the perfect horsey gift. Send a 12-month membership or print a gift certificate to give in person. Or you could always treat yourself!


Smart Grooming Stain Removal Set

Remove those stains the quick , effective and gentle way. These three products will be all you need to keep those stains at bay. For a whiter than white finish, damp all stained/dirty areas. Apply Polar white and massage in with the Super Groomer. Wash off and apply Deep Purple, lather in well, and then rinse. See stains instantly lift! Get 10% off - Quote code: YHL2020

Clippersharp Solar Arena Lighting

With the nights drawing in, Solar Powered Arena Lights are the perfect solution to illuminate your outdoor school, paddocks and flood light yards and car parks. Zero running costs and minimal installation! This all-in-one solar floodlighting solution can deliver an impressive 1000 lumens for up to six hours per day, with a 2 year warranty upon purchase. Prices from £199

Use discount code YHL2020 for free express delivery

English Bridles Comfort Headcollar

EB Comfort Headcollar has soft padding, quality brass fittings, and is fully adjustable. The colours are bespoke and they gives a superb aniline effect that gives the leather a warm feeling and also gives the product a look of superior quality.