Made entirely at the purpose-built facility in rural Kent, WOW™ has revolutionised the way saddles are constructed, manufactured and fitted. For more than 25 years, co-founder and MD of parent company First Thought Equine Ltd, David Kempsell has turned his logical design techniques and training, and his passion for riding to solving the problems of saddlery. The modular WOW saddle, which incorporates many of his innovations, ensures that both horse and rider can perform to their full potential with comfort and freedom.  

The unique features to benefit the fit to the horse include Flair air flocking; the patented tree with lateral flexion allowing complete freedom of the horse’s shoulder; 23 headplates in a huge range of angles and styles; and at least 15 panel designs in each tree size.  Combine these with a wide choice of seat and flaps for the rider - and the underpinning design tenet that the saddle is entirely modular, so any component can be married with any other - and the options become almost infinite, allowing perfect fit for horse, rider and discipline. 

Wow’s recent assessment of 160 riders using a state of the art pressure mat found that 155 sat with their weight disproportionately to the right.

David says: “This mirrors our findings when saddle fitting. Improving fitness and posture will help, but skeletal asymmetries in adults are not going to alter. Every time we sit on a horse we are effectively taking it to the gym. If you went to the gym and every piece of equipment was unbalanced, say more weight to the right, your muscles would develop unevenly. This situation is often signified by saddle slip, and can eventually lead to lameness.

“What is the solution? It is to adjust the flocking to counteract the rider’s asymmetry. With Flair air flocking, this is easy to do in a matter of a few minutes, with the rider in the saddle. As the horse progressively improves, becoming more level, the asymmetric flocking can be reduced.

“You will sit more centrally and ride more comfortably and effectively, both on the flat and jumping – and your horse will work more evenly, to the benefit of his long-term wellbeing.”

The icing on the cake is the wide choice of bespoke options.  Patent, coloured and embossed leathers, coloured and patterned stitching, and crystal embellishments are all options available to make your Wow saddle truly one of a kind. 

David and everyone at Wow Saddles is passionate about educating saddle fitters, trainers and riders to see and address equine welfare and performance issues, so we are delighted to be partnering with Your Horse Live to sponsor the Equine Learning Zone.

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