Evening performance

A special evening gala with: ISABELL WERTH

She took the European Championships in Rotterdam by storm, winning team and individual gold medals and prior to that, won the Deutsche Bank Prize at CHIO Aachen for the 13th time in total and for the third time in succession. 6500 people took to their feet to sing her a Happy Birthday in Aachen and in November at Your Horse Live; we will be doing it again. 

Isabel Werth has been producing Grand Prix horse after Grand Prix horse for years and rarely does she give a masterclass showing the training techniques that have kept her at the top of the rankings. 

It's One on One at Fifty: The Rider, The Trainer, the Tribute - Part Two. The first through the levels masterclass in the UK from the Queen of Dressage working with Young Horse to Grand Prix, plus some very special surprises thrown in - Saturday 9th November.

*Please note this is an evening ticket only. To enter Your Horse live during the day an additional day ticket is required