Worming and parasite control advice from Westgate Labs

Worming and parasite control is an important part of keeping your horses healthy but it can sometimes be confusing to know what to do for the best. Do you want to know about testing your horses? What to worm with? Or whether you have resistant worms on your pasture? Get friendly vet approved advice from our award winning advisors, no question too small.

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A targeted worming programme

Getting started with good worm control is easier than you think. It starts with knowing which parasites could be a threat to horse health at which times of year and using worm counts and tests to monitor infection levels in the horse, only adding wormer doses as they are needed.

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Wormer resistance

Just like with antibiotics, resistance is growing to the wormers we have available to treat our horses. This means we can no longer simply give a treatment and just expect it to work. Find out how to test to ensure the wormers you’re using have been effective and monitor resistant worms on your land.

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Autumn Parasite Control

πŸ‚πŸ This autumn it's time to:

βœ… Worm egg count for redworm and roundworm

βœ… EquiSal test for tapeworm

βœ… Keep an eye out for bots and pinworm activity.


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Winter Parasite Control

❄️ Winter is time to:

βœ… Decide on your approach to encysted redworm

βœ… Reduction test if required

βœ… Have you tested for tapeworm in the last 6 months?

βœ… Are you in an area where you need to consider bots?

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Westgate Labs’ Advisors

Our friendly experienced team of Registered Animal Medicine Advisors (RAMAs, previously known as SQPs) led by our Operations Director, Equine SQP of the Year, Kristy Hodgson.

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