Redwings Horse Sanctuary

For over 15 years, Redwings Horse Sanctuary has helped hundreds of rescued horses and ponies find loving new homes.

The registered charity rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes equines who have suffered neglect, abuse or abandonment. It is currently responsible for more than 2,000 horses across the UK, including 700 who have been rehomed to loving Guardian homes.

Redwings offers a selection of horses and ponies for rehoming, either to be ridden, as unbacked projects or as non-ridden companions, across East and Central England. Rehoming from Redwings is free, and every horse will have received thorough training and health assessments.

To find out more about Redwings’ rehoming scheme click here or look in our stables here at the Rescue Village to see which ponies are currently looking for new homes this Christmas.


Redwings Whitney - Unbacked Project

Whitney is a sweet and friendly 13hh, eight-year-old Cob cross mare who is looking for a new home as an unbacked project. She is progressing well through her handling training and enjoys her work – currently enjoying time in the school and trotting over jumps in-hand.

Whitney came to Redwings in 2015 after our welfare team received a call from a concerned member of the public, she was so weak that on her arrival at Redwings she required the support of Redwings’ Anderson Sling to be able to stand. Now, fully recovered, Whitney is good to catch and groom and will stand quietly to have her feet picked out. Her perfect home would be with an experienced Guardian who can continue her training to be a ridden pony and  help her build her confidence. Read her story here.

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Redwings Pixie – Non-Ridden Companion

Pixie is a special mare who lives a very happy and normal life despite only having one eye. She is a sweet 13.1hh, seven-year-old Cob mare with lots of personality and character who loves fuss and will always make you smile.

When Pixie was rescued she was in poor condition, and had a very sore right eye. Throughout her time at Redwings Pixie has received treatment for recurrent problems in this right eye, before she underwent surgery to remove the eye last year. Pixie has made a full recovery and has adapted to the change exceptionally well. She responds well to hearing your voice, especially when you are on her blind side and appreciates a nice scratch on her shoulder to let her know where you are and is grateful for the extra bit of reassurance.

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Redwings Professor Plum – Non-Ridden Companion

Professor Plum is a very cute 12hh, seven-year-old Welsh pony with a beautiful wall eye. He has a laidback temperament and is very friendly to both people and other ponies.  

He is good to catch, groom, worm and will stand nicely to have his feet picked out. He has enjoyed his handling training and he is very inquisitive. He is an affectionate pony and will make a wonderful addition to any home looking for a special non-ridden companion.

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Redwings Sabrina- Non-Ridden companion

Sabrina is a 11.1hh, six-year-old, gentle and sweet natured Welsh mare. Sabrina is a quick learner and enjoys her work. She loves to have plenty of fuss and attention and enjoys being groomed. Sabrina is equally happy to live with a companion or as part of a herd.

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Redwings Daphne- Non-Ridden companion

Daphne is a 11.1hh, six-year-old, kind and inquisitive mare that loves interacting with people. She is very good to handle and has progressed well through her training. She is a quick learner and keen to please but requires a quiet and competent Guardian to continue on with her handling. Daphne loves to be groomed and be given plenty of fuss.

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