WOW Saddles

For 25 years, WOW™ has revolutionised how saddles are constructed, manufactured and fitted. The modular WOW saddle enables both horse and rider to perform to their full potential with comfort and freedom.  
The unique features include Flair air flocking; the patented tree with lateral flexion; 23 headplates in a huge range of angles and styles; and 15 panel designs in each tree size. 

Combined with a wide choice of seat and flaps for the rider (and the underpinning design tenet that the saddle is entirely modular, so any component can be married with any other), the result is a perfect fit for horse, rider and discipline.  



WOW Dressage Giant High Saddle

Designed for riders of big moving horses, the ergonomically shaped block gives thigh/knee support whilst the very deep seat has a narrow twist allowing the rider to drop their leg close to the horse resulting in a secure but not constrained position. RRP £3,220

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WOW Dressage Equitana Saddle

The WOW Equitana dressage saddle has an adjustable fixed block enabling the rider to move it forwards/back and change the angle to alter their leg position as needed whilst the narrow & elegant open seat gives space to sit "deep" in the saddle. RRP £3,300

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WOW DMK Show Jumping saddle

The WOW DMK has a traditional appearance with dual butt flap cut forward or very forward for longer legs. There is a choice of long or short girth billets, moveable blocks & stirrup leather stabiliser keeping the rider's lower leg very still. RRP £3,530

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WOW Cross Country Saddle

The WOW Cross Country saddle was designed for Paul Tapner and is very forward cut with excellent rider support from the high long thigh/knee block and calf block. It is very popular with long-legged riders for any cross country or jumping discipline. RRP £3,700

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WOW General Purpose and Very Slightly Dressage Saddles

The WOW general purpose flap is available straight cut (VSD) for schooling and general riding club activities or forward cut - GP - for riders with more emphasis on jumping and hunting. Available as either fixed block or moveable block variants. RRP £3,220

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WOW H girth

The WOW “H” Girth has proved to be a brilliant innovation for sensitive horses and for saddle stability without having to over tighten the girth. Pressure dispersal over the sternum rather than the pectoral muscles promotes better movement in front. RRP £276

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