Emerald Green Feeds

The Emerald Green Feeds products are grown on family run farm, A Poucher & Sons in rural Lincolnshire. A Poucher & Sons have been growing and harvesting forage based crops since 1945 and is now on the fifth generation of the family, that's 75 year of knowledge.The grass and alfalfa used in Emerald Green Feeds is grown locally to our main farm yard in the heart of rural Lincolnshire, allowing complete control and daily management of the growth and harvesting cycle as well as making them 100% traceable. The team work hard to ensure the best quality crops go into Emerald Green Feeds. At Emerald Green Feeds we produce feed as nature intented.


Highly nutritious, palatable chop, it's 100% natural and totally traceable fescue grass. Grass-tastic is an excellent feed for helping to build condition as well as helping toward maintaining a healthy gut, improved coat shine and general well-being.


Alfalfa-mazing contains all the key nutrients and vitamins your horse needs to thrive. Containing exceptional levels of calcium, it is the perfect feed for the growth and maintenance of bone strength. It is 100% natural alfalfa and totally traceable.

Meadow Magic

Meadow Magic is a high fibre, low sugar and low starch pellet aimed primarily at those horses and pony’s with laminitis, Cushing’s disease, stomach ulcers or obesity. It is made from 100% natural meadow grasses, totally traceable and alfalfa free.

Grass Pellets

Grass Pellets are a 100% natural, high value feed, harvested and dried to enable the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, essential to your horses’ health and condition, to be locked in. In essence you're feeding fresh grass all year round.

Alfalfa Pellets

Alfalfa Pellets are ideal for horses both young and old, they are high in fibre and low in sugar and starch, resulting in a slow release of digestible energy. Alfalfa is well documented as being ideal for horses prone to laminitis and gastric ulcers.

Tasty Treats

A fabulous 100% natural healthy treat for your four legged friend, ideal for use with a treat ball to alleviate stable boredom. Pack of 4 Tasty Treats, 1 x Alfalfa & Apple, 1 X Alfalfa & Carrot, 1 x Grass & Apple, 1 x Grass & Carrot.